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Factory Closures by Auction

Factory closures at Surplex

Added Value for Buyers and Sellers

Surplex has been carrying out factory closures for as long as 20 years. Today, approx. 220 experts at 16 European locations also master international closures with ease. As an interface in the sales process, we are equally committed to buyers and sellers. We are constantly improving the quality of our ISO-certified services. As a result, we offer both customer groups a unique blend of digital expertise and personal service. Surplex makes every closure a success - online and offline!

The closure of a factory results in the sudden release of hundreds or thousands of machines and equipment. In order to sell all assets efficiently and in line with market requirements, a powerful auction platform is indispensable in the digital age. Only an online channel that brings together supply and demand worldwide makes it possible to sell industrial goods by the minute. Surplex has been at the forefront of this trend at an early stage and is constantly pushing the development of its auction platform. Today, surplex.com is the strongest selling auction platform in the industry with over 55 million site views, around 800 industry auctions and more than 55,000 assets sold per year. A dynamic that benefits both sides: buyers profit from the large supply and sellers from the strong demand at surplex.com. Both appreciate Surplex' professionalism, speed and transparency of service.

Yet a successful factory closure requires much more than a powerful auction platform! Equally important is the professional preparation and follow-up of the sale, which often involves thousands of items. This is where Surplex focuses on the human factor. 220 experts find a professional solution for every aspect of a closure - from A to Z. We advise. We organise. We optimise. And we close every factory smoothly.

Only a few industrial auction houses offer a specialised valuation based on countless sales. Only a few provide support for their customers in over 20 languages. Unique in the industry, however, is our after-sales service, which includes specialists for logistics and customs formalities. This makes international machinery export easier and more lucrative than expected! On the buyer side, our service attracts attention to the range of machines on offer and inspires confidence in their reliability. We achieve optimal revenues for the seller and relieve him of all operational tasks.

Factory closures: purchase & sale

In addition to the sale of used machinery and other industrial goods, Surplex also offers professional handling of factory closures.

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Our services:
• Expert valuations
• Site security
• Cleaning of all assets
• Creation of product catalogues
• On-site inspections
• Professional online marketing (worldwide)
• Online auctions at surplex.com (in 16 languages)
• Sales and customer service (20+ languages)
• Dismantling, loading and customs formalities
• Cleaning and redelivery of the factory halls

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