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A double-sided edge banding machine is a machine that processes wood chipboard into veneered half finished products. These are mostly used in the furniture industry. They band all corners of the veneer strips together in one operational step. A double-sided edge banding machine can quickly process a large amount of material. Because they are set up to be highly efficient, they are suitable for mass production.

  • Processing of wood chipboard into veneered semi-finished products
  • Quick processing of large amounts of material
  • Special machines that are not widely distributed
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A double-sided edge banding machine is made out of a large machine that contains several stations. After being fed into the machine, the panels are turned into the correct position, glued as desired and coated with a veneer. The panels are then placed on a pallet and transported away. High quality loading industrial robots, as well as power extraction machines, are important accessories for a double-sided edge banding machine. Cleanliness is very important when working with a double-sided edge banding machine.

Edge banding machine in use

Workers operating this machine are restricted to loading the workpieces and the transporting the processed workpieces away. If assistants are briefed, they can also help to supply the machine with the binding agent and veneer strips. Most machines contain good features to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the capacity of the workers, they can undertake further tasks in relation to the machine, such as fixing the machine when it is jammed. However, tasks such as changing the tools, installation and programming of the machine should only be done by a qualified industrial mechanics. What is problematic with a double-sided edge banding machine is that the processed products can hardly be touched up. Wrong or dirty work conducted by a double-sided edge banding machine can therefore quickly result in scrap products.

These are special machines that are not as widely used as conventional machine tools. They are only used within a specific sector and are therefore rare, meaning that even the second-hand machines are very expensive.

Recommended suppliers of double-sided edge banding machines are HOMAG, WEHRMANN, STEFANI and BIESSE.