Insolvency services

<h1 class="h2">Insolvency services</h1>
<h1 class="h2">Insolvency services</h1>
<h1 class="h2">Insolvency services</h1>

Who offers more?

There are many insolvency service providers on the market. But the more extensive the insolvency assets, the more complex the » factory closure and the tighter the deadline, the more you benefit from our » certified know-how. When it comes to the » liquidation of large industrial machinery, Surplex is the best choice for smooth processing. Imagine the liquidation of a large company site! Other industrial asset liquidation companies either leave dismantling and loading to countless outside companies or to the buyer. This means not only chaos on site, but also lower revenues, because potential buyers may turn away at an early stage. Not with Surplex. We are the only industrial liquidation company in Europe that organises the complete dismantling as well as loading and customs formalities from a single source.

There are also other services with which we distinguish ourselves from the competition:
• Best-selling auction platform in the industry
• 220 experts in 16 European countries
• Specialised valuations (revenue guarantee possible)
• Full service prior, during and after the auction
• Commission sale (assumption of the sales tax risk)

Certified by ISO 9001:2015

<h4>Certified by ISO 9001:2015</h4>

• Purchase of the insolvency assets (upon request)
• Inventory
• Cleaning and auction preparation
• On-site inspections
• Online auction in 16 languages
• Buyer service in 20 languages
Assumption of the sales tax risk through certified commission sales
• Professional clearances
• Dismantling, transport and customs formalities

Revenue up to 75% above
liquidation value

<h4>Revenue up to 75% above<br /> liquidation value</h4>

In insolvency proceedings, numbers are the decisive factor - and they speak for Surplex: as a leading auction house with locations in 16 European countries, we record over 55 million site views annually on our 16-language auction platform. Our database contains 125,000 prospective buyers from all over the world.
At over 800 » insolvency and » industrial auctions, more than 55,000 assets are sold each year. This makes the best-selling platform in the industry. Due to this dynamic, we achieve hammer prices for the insolvency administrator which are up to 75% above the liquidation value determined by the appraiser!

H. Willy Krauss GmbH

<h4>Example:<br /> H. Willy Krauss GmbH</h4>

Insolvency auction: H. Willy Krauss GmbH
Industry sector: Automotive suppliers
Type: Marketing on behalf of a law firm

• Liquidation value: approximately EUR 400,000
(according to appraiser)
• Continuing value: approx. EUR 640,000
(according to appraiser)
• Surplex revenue guarantee: EUR 800,000
• Registered bidders: 495
• Number of bids: 3,735
Auction result : over EUR 900,000

Immediate liquidity:
Surplex buys at short notice!

<h4>Immediate liquidity:<br /> Surplex buys at short notice!</h4>

Immediate liquidity is essential in many insolvency proceedings in order to meet liabilities and satisfy creditors. For this reason, Surplex will purchase parts of the insolvency assets or the entire fixed assets at fair conditions if desired. We guarantee short-term payment processing!
Alternatively, we carry out an auction on behalf of the insolvency administrator in which all third-party rights are respected and the proceeds optimised. Professional online marketing ensures that the insolvency assets become visible worldwide. The high traffic inevitably leads to many bids. In addition, over 125,000 buyers from all countries of the world are registered directly with Surplex. We organise the entire sale and get the most out of it for you.

Expert opinions and valuations:
Also with revenue guarantee

VALUPLEX is the strong brand for valuations under the umbrella of Surplex GmbH. Our services support insolvency administrators and restructuring consultants, for example from the banking and leasing sector:

Logo Valuplex

• Specialised appraisals - faster than the industry average
• Thorough valuation - with guarantee
• Fair consultation offers - within 48 hours
• Maximum revenues - at
• Liquidity through immediate purchase - upon request
• Full service - incl. dismantling & loading

Unlike general industrial liquidation companies, VALUPLEX offers specialised valuations on the basis of actual market prices. As a result, VALUPLEX appraisals are usually significantly higher than those of the competition. Because we consider the selling power of and know how to exploit the market potential of the insolvency assets. We are so convinced of the quality of our  insolvency appraisals that we can even offer you a revenue guarantee under certain conditions in the event of a commercialisation order!

25 years of experience:
Assets liquidation at Surplex

<h4>25 years of experience:<br /> Assets liquidation at Surplex</h4>

Our successful assets liquidation model offers you services that you will only find at Surplex. For example, thanks to certified commission sales, we assume the sales tax risk for you. This, too, is a welcomed relief for your law firm, especially as the work of the insolvency administrator has become increasingly complex over the years.
Even during the restructuring, Surplex convinces with first-class services: we market surplus machinery and equipment, supply high-quality used machinery and integrate the newly acquired machinery into the production process. We would be pleased to explain to you personally how you can benefit from our 25 years of experience.

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Surplex Auctions Ltd (UK)

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