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MIKRON VCE 1000 Vertical Machining Center
MIKRON WF-62C CNC Universal Milling Machine
MIKRON 21/0 Gear hobbing machine
Germany, 76316 Malsch/Karlsruhe

MIKRON 21/0 Gear hobbing machine

MIKRON milling arbor
Germany, 76316 Malsch/Karlsruhe

MIKRON milling arbor

MIKRON UCP 600 CNC machining center
Switzerland, 9016 St. Gallen

MIKRON UCP 600 CNC machining center

MIKRON HSM 800 CNC machining center
Switzerland, 6423 Seewen

MIKRON HSM 800 CNC machining center

The Swiss-based MIKRON Group is built upon a hundred years of tradition and is divided into two divisions: automation technology and manufacturing systems. MIKRON Switzerland is a leading partner in the automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, stationery, watch, and medical technology industries. Both divisions are headquartered in Switzerland and employ more than 1,000 members of staff in total. MIKRON-Holding shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

MIKRON’s milling machines division was acquired in 2000 by GF Agie Charmilles, also a Swiss firm, which now produces their machinery. MIKRON milling machines are known for their extraordinary reliability and performance. Their milling machines cover a range of applications and include 3- and 5-axis high-speed centres, machines for milling fixtures, equipment for rapid milling of blow-moulded aluminium, through to machinery for heavy-cutting applications on titanium impellers. The travel distances range from 160 to 1,850 millimetres.

High Speed Machine (HSM)

The high-speed linear-driven machines of the MIKRON HSM Series, such as the MIKRON HSM 400 and HSM 700, offer the highest level of precision and outstanding surface quality.

Series HSM high speed machining centre MILL S Precision XSM ultra high speed machining centre Models HSM 2000 LP MILL S 400 Precision MILL X 400 HSM 200 U LP MILL S 400 U Precision MILL X 400 U MILL S 400 MILL S 500 Precision MILL X 600 MILL S 400 U MILL X 600 U MILL S 500 MILL X 800 MILL S 600 MILL S 600 U MILL S 800


The MIKRON HSM 200 Series features two triple-axis machines: the 200 LP and 200U LP. These high-speed centres are used for machining metal, carbide metal, non-ferrous metal, plastic, ceramic and graphite workpieces. The maximum workpiece size is 100 x 100 100 millimetres.

MIKRON HSM 500/ 700

The MIKRON HSM 500 was designed for tool-making, mould-making and the manufacture of high-precision parts. Its excellent dynamic characteristics make it possible to machine workpieces at high-speed on all axes simultaneously. THE HSM 700 follows the same approach but is more powerful than the HSM 500.


The newly-developed MIKRON MILL S Series resolves the dilemma between dynamics and precision. The devices from this range are capable of working on a variety of materials, including graphite, aluminium, tool-steel, carbide metal, Inconel super-alloys, and titanium. There is a total of six models available from the MILL S range featuring various performance levels. The MIKRON MILL S 400 U and 600 U also incorporate a swivelling- and rotating axis in addition to the various series-standard features.


Acquiring a MIKRON MILL S Precision is the first step towards success in the micro-components field. This series of all-in-one solutions features various travel distances for the X-, Y- and Z-axes between 500 x 450 x 360 and 500 x 240 x 360 millimetres.


This series is home to MIKRON’s ultra-high-speed machining centres where all axes are powered by direct drives to enable fully simultaneous ultra-high-speed machining. The travel distances in the MIKRON XSM Series can be between 500 x 450 x 360 and 800 x 600 x 500 millimetres.

High Performance Machine (HPM)

Series HPM UCP Models HPM 450U UCP 800 Duro MILL P 800 U HPM 1150U HPM 1350U HPM 1850U HPM 1200 HD

MIKRON HPM machines offer state-of-the-art motor spindles, direct drive-round/swivelling axes, excellent performance, and a high level of torque. HPM Series devices are exceedingly precise and enable various travel paths across their X-, Y- and Z axes. For the sub-1000-millimetre range, the HPM 450 U and MIKRON MILL P 800 U models are the ideal choice, for travel distances above this on the X- and Y axes; models MIKRON HPM 115 U, 135 U and 185 U. The MIKRON HPM 1200 HD offers distances of 1200 x 600 x 500 millimetres. The MIKRON UCP 800 Duro is a 5-axis universal machining centre that is also capable of heavy metal removal. The travel distances are 800 x 650 x 500 millimetres. This machining centre can be customised to fully incorporate the benefits of a wide range of MIKRON-built high-speed spindles.

Standard Machining Centers

The following models are available from the standard machining centre VCE range:

  • VCE 600 Pro
  • VCE 800 Pro
  • VCE 800W Pro
  • VCE 1000 Pro
  • VCE 1200 Pro
  • VCE 1400 Pro
  • VCE 1600 Pro

The 3-axis MIKRON VCE Pro Series is based on a unique table design, which effectively flushes away chips, features a compressed-air connection on every table and a fourth axis to expand its potential uses. The MIKRON VCE Pro Series encompasses seven types of vertical machining centres all of which differ in terms of their X-, Y- and z travel distances. Thus, there is an ideal model for a wide range of workpieces. Possible travel distances are from 600 x 500 x 540 up to 1600 x 900 x 800 millimetres. MIKRON’s CNC machine, the MIKRON VCE 1250, is built upon a control system produced by Haas. The travel distances are 1250 x 508 x 635 millimetres. The MIKRON VCE 500 CNC machining centre also features a fourth axis, and is capable of X-Y-Z travel distances of 508 x 406 x 508 millimetres.

High Efficiency Machining (HEM)

The high efficiency machining centre, or HEM, features a compact design to enable its use at sites that are short on space. Both models in the range are entry-level, 5-side milling devices. These centres are highly flexible: production of precision parts in prototyping, one-off parts through to small-batch series productions. Stability is ensured by the rotary tilting table with parallel T-slots. A reliable, single chucking procedure makes it possible to machine a wide variety of challenging shapes and surfaces. The two MIKRON HEM devices, the 500U and HEM 700U, enable travel distances of 500 x 450 x 400 and 700 x 600 x 500 millimetres respectively.

MIKRON is one of the key market leaders in the field of milling technology and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance machining centres. Their lasting popularity amongst users demonstrates this, but companies acquiring brand-new equipment from this Swiss manufacturer should be prepared to part with a great deal of cash. As the result, there is a booming trade in used machinery from MIKRON. The most popular second-hand machines still in production are models from the MIKRON WF Series.

See below for a list of MIKRON milling machines models often traded at Surplex as used machinery:

  • MIKRON WF 1 – universal milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 2 – universal tool milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 2 SA – universal milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 3 DCM – universal milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 3 CNC – milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 21 C – universal tool milling and drilling machine
  • MIKRON WF 21 D – CNC milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 31 D – CNC milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 32 C – universal CNC machining centre
  • MIKRON WF 32 CH – universal CNC milling centre
  • MIKRON WF 41 C – universal milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 51 D – universal tool milling machine
  • MIKRON 51 C – universal milling machine
  • MIKRON WF 61 C – vertical CNC machining centre
  • MIKRON WF 72 CH – CNC milling machine
  • MIKRON UCP 1350 – milling machine
  • MIKRON UCP 600 Vario – 5-axis solution for automated production
  • MIKRON UCP 710 – CNC centre
  • MIKRON UM 900 HS – universal milling machine
  • MIKRON VC 750 – vertical machining centre
  • MIKRON VCP 1000 – CNC machining centre
  • MIKRON UME 600 – CNC machining centre
  • MIKRON VCP 600 – milling machine